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so things have happened

i actaully havent done many projects, i've been using my days off of mentally unwind and just relax because ik know that i can be really hard on myself(future story plot). i realized this when i had a breakdown the other day at work and when i almost had some others the couple shifts afterwards. i realized that working like this is going to be the reason why i kill myself but i really dont have many options so that sucks :P.

i've also been trying to do some shopping since i often convince myself against buying myself nice things

i did do some writing tho

first up it's blade's work, it is a dark story about struggles with self harm. i wrote it not to promote self harm but to maybe give people a new insight into self harm, you shouln't read it if you're going through shit tho

second is like it was yesterday, this is a story about a guy named quinton reminiscing their friend, in this one i tried to experiment with imagery and metaphors.

in both of these stories, i experimented with inner dialogue, less outward dialogue so practice giving necessary details without making it feel like info dumping but lie a conversation, if you read them, tell me what you think

also some people have told me that they have trouble accessing my wattpad stories so i uploaded them on my website



another thing @cyronix wrote a 18+ little shipost about scooby x shaggy and for some weird reason it just sparked my inspiration and made me write a 18+ part two , THEN he had to comment about making a part 3 so my inspiring me yet again until i wrote a shaggy x scooby x velma 18+ story which is apparently now just a porn thread . so plase dont read if you are under age.

in other news i recently went through a break up and it really hurts, trying not to think about it. i try not to think about things bc im tired of feeling sad, i just want to be happy. im really trying not to do somthing too wreak less now that i dont really have anyone to stop me and knock me back into common sense (not trying to blame them). i feel like i dont really have anyone i can truly trust which sucks but oh well; maybe it'll give me some writing inspiration.

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