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update on projects

Posted by anymany - June 17th, 2021

ok so, idk why i keep doing this to myslef(well i do kinda)

i go above and beyond what i plan a lot of the time. with the flag thing, it was just going to be the recognize sovreign nations but then it turned into like 50 more flags bc i included dependent territories, then i had to re-arrange them so it looks better, then i had to make a key and then the 2 letter codes. it was supposed to be an easy project

now i have 2 projects that are both tedious and time consuming

1 i finished animating the tetris thing i was working on, it is a bit of a sloppy ending but if i animated it how i actually played tetris, it would take forever B) joking aside, it was getting too long. but it had no sound, i couldnt have that so i tracked the soundtrack which thankfully the music falls into public domain and i found a chiptune version that sounds pretty similar, get this, WITH creative commons. god i love the internet so much(most of the times). BUT THEN i had to go ahead and add all the bleep bloops from when a piece moves which is taking FOREVER, especially since my computer is kinda slow.


yep another one, on top of the 3 that im working on(granted one is pretty much done)

im making a FONT, pixelart font tho. again, supposed to be easy, just make the alphabet and numbers and post it. BUT THEN i had to go ahead and add lowercase AND a bunch of symbols like parenthesis, math symbols, money signs,etc. i though after i do this i'll just post it, easy. BUT THEN i had to go ahead and want to see it be used when i code so now i have to make each one a vector image and make my own ttf font file so that i could actually just type with it . there is 113 files that i have to enlarge, trace paths , and combine together.

good news is that once im finished and post it, you'll be able to download it and use it HOWEVER YOU WANT no need to credit me, no need to ask for permission, you can use it on your projects, on a shirt, mug, whatever . i will leave it on a tip jar if you have any spare farthings, halfpennies, threepences, shillings, and/or sovereigns you're willing to toss me .

as much as it hurts me to give it away for free after all the work, the though if it being used by a lot of people makes me happy

i also have other video ideas in the making im just waiting for my mic to arrive so that hopefully my sound quality isnt absolute garbage

  • picocad planes tutorial
  • bold a brash stamp
  • popsicle bridge
  • and rubber band ball

these videos however will be posted on my youtube channel so check it out

any(many)ways, stay tune to see what im making