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moar updates

Posted by anymany - 1 month ago

still not feeling great but i do feel a bit better

progress is still being made on projects.

i have one pixel art project that i've been working on for like 2 months but i cant get the lighting right, it looks very flat.

i have another pixel art project that is going good but it just very tedious, i've experimented with the concept for a while but it takes a lot of time. i think it has a lot of potential to do some illusion type stuff but i need more experimentation.

im trying to figure out how to make the process of adding nodes to my text based adventure game more automatic, i've hear about there being a JSON converter but im still working on it im planning on releasing my "engine" if you can even call it that, open source on my github ,maybe people can do more with it

i recently dug up my old keyboard and man is it loud, i love it. its a metal keyboard with not foam, blue clicky switches and hard plastic key caps. i used it for a couple of days and then went back to using my laptop keyboard. that was a really weird change, not bad but just feels sooooo much different, im going to start writing with that keyboard only

working on another story, in fact im done with it, im just spell checking and looking for beta readers. its about 3 pages long, just a good ol' really dark and kinda fucked up story , just how i like my [my lawyer has advised me to continue this joke no longer]

im also working on compiling all my writing, maybe i can publish a short story book some day. im already at 25 pages, and that's not including haikus, i'm not planning on making money on the book, i just want to have published at least something

i commissioned and artist recently to make me a cover for one of my stories. its a cover for my dress x-ing story


im really happy with how it looks, this drawing was made by asskoh on twitter btw

any(many) ways, that's all i have for now, hope ya'll continue to enjoy my stuff

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I'm happy too hear your feeling better also if your looking for a VA too read your dark story id be happy too :D

thank ya. ooo havent thought about that